Sayazake: The Madman’s Mind.

*This is a interview of the self Me: Lenard Sayazake, wow. So great to meet you. Sayazake: Well thank you, thank you. Me:So let’s just jump right in, Um, so, I’m a big fan of everything you do. All of your written work, your illustrations and your website you just got up and running. Sayazake:Continue reading “Sayazake: The Madman’s Mind.”

A session with Philip

Here ┬áHere are just two of the chakras we worked on today. Today’s lesson was breathing. While meditating it is important to sit up with a straight spine and breathe correctly. Breathing correctly helps the air flow through your body giving you maximum control of said breathing. Distractions will happen but focusing on the breathContinue reading “A session with Philip”