A New Journey Awaits Us!

My name is William Walker Jr aka Lenard Sayazake and Welcome to “The Sayazake Clan”.

Here I will be discussing topics Iam pretty passionate about such as, Meditation,spirituality, nature, dimensions and things of that caliber.

In this blog it will be all about creating a safe space while also giving you (the audience) a chance to interact in discussions and voice your opinions. Get involved!

I have started a small organization called “Meditation Medication” with the intent of supporting people in ways of relaxing through meditation. By combining meditation and a deep spiritual perspective on life and how to gain control of your body, relaxation can be achieved.

Meditation has been a very big part of my life since I was fourteen. I watched alot of anime and looked at alot of pictures of monks doing it and so i just started copying them and found out I liked it. When I turned sixteen I discovered energy and incorporated it into my meditation. I basically taught myself how to meditate and just read up on tips to strengthening focus. Now here iam Twenty Three years old giving back the gift I learned to others who are interested. I will support anyone as long as they are willing to jump in the middle with me and have it turn out.

I hope to Meditate and hear from you guys soon. Namaste!

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