Sayazake: The Madman’s Mind.

*This is a interview of the self

Me: Lenard Sayazake, wow. So great to meet you.

Sayazake: Well thank you, thank you.

Me:So let’s just jump right in, Um, so, I’m a big fan of everything you do. All of your written work, your illustrations and your website you just got up and running.

Sayazake: Ex-military.

Me: Right. Could you tell us a bit more about it?

Sayazake: Well , Ex-military is about the unification of the human spirit at its essence , at it’s core really. When I started Ex-military, I wanted to teach people about the spirit, how to get in touch with it, how to realize the illusion that “material want” creates. I watched alot of spiritual shows and figures speak as a child and I remember getting into meditation and wondering why everyone else wasn’t doing this. I fell in love with the spirit and wanted to know more about it. I was always that kid who wanted to learn bigger words to improve his vocabulary and really focus on himself. I fell into the illusion of material for a bit, you know I became interested in girls and wanted to have sex and have cool clothes and the latest gadgets but after a while you get bored and you realize there has to be more than this repetitive cycle of shit and piss.

Me:How did the name Ex-Military come about?

Sayazake: The way I saw it people who followed the materialistic life of happiness were “Military”. They fell in line, accepted what they were told, felt there was no other way, they just had a very uniform way of living/thinking. No sense of individuality, perhaps I’d even go as far as to saw it was a simulacrum of identity. Those who did the opposite and had a real sense of strong spirit or self, they were “Ex-military” they didnt follow the trends or give into the bullshit that is forcefed on tv. By manipulating the power of free will upon us , this simulacrum of a “higher power” cannot take responsibility because of the simple fact of choice.

Me: This may be going off on a tangent right now but what about choice?

Sayazake: Here’s a great example. In this world, we have more than enough to live comfortably and healthy. If we look at all that nature gives us and how abundant the world actually is every single person could live a healthy life and prosper but not all can unfortunately, not yet at least but why is that?

Me: I’m not sure.

Sayazake:If you die from getting addicted to fast food because “it tastes so good” ¬†the fault is on you, respectively. simply because you made the choice to keep eating it, so therefore the people supplying the actual poison cannot be blamed because the choice was all up to you. The same goes for TV. I feel as if the Tv creates an amnesia effect with certain shows that it presents. At one time MTV was a great channel. Smart shows, great music , very innovative. What is on there today? Teen mom, jersey shore, other shows that create a box around what life should look like or “WHAT LIFE IS.” This is all my opinion of course, none of it fact.

Me: I understand completely. Mtv was definitely a favorite of mine growing up. But to come back to the topic here. Ex-Military, how does one become “Ex-Military” if possible?

Sayazake:It’s very possible. It’s all about being awake.Life is a game of perception. I would say that we think things are always about what you can see with your eyes. It’s almost why the wind is so godly. It can’t be seen but yet you know it’s there and it’s always there with you. Never leaves your side otherwise how would you survive? Why couldn’t the same be said about guardian angels and the soul? Why is it so hard to believe that other things do exist besides this material in which all run so giddy to but return suicidal,depressed,hurt or even dead inside? Understanding yourself and being aware of how you present yourself to the world, stepping into your power as an abundant being of unlimited creation,put here on this planet in the third dimension to create and support others who look just like you. Who bleed just like you, who have ideas and struggles just like you. The very idea of segregation is ludicrous. The very idea of war is ludicrous. But as i get into this i get into other topics covered in my book.

Me: This all seems very powerful. You’ve taken a sort of stand against the”material world” so to speak.

Sayazake: I’m not declaring that everyone stop buying things & watching tv. Hell no. What I am saying is get in touch with yourself. Sharpen your awareness, let’s support one another, let’s find out why we do the things we do & how we can move past the things that hold us back. Let’s live up to our highest possibilities & stop playing small games because we’re afraid of being shunned or laughed at or falling down or even failing. All of those mean nothing to the person who is secure within their being because they understand that they are powerful, they are abundant , they ARE ENOUGH & most of all THEY MATTER. I stand for those who hide in the shadows waiting for permission to be the greatest they can be. I stand for those who believe that we can change the world and create beauty and peace and tranquility. I stand for all the great leaders who want to see the same thing through a common vision.

Me: That’s pretty passionate. Was it only the meditating that inspired such a huge movement?

Sayazake: From about 2011 -2014 I worked in a comic book warehouse & really didnt give a shit about marvel or dc and so i read alot of “Image” books. I read books like”DMZ” ,”Channel Zero”. Those books really helped Influence a different mindset , Channel Zero ,Mostly. I always liked the rebellious type of shit.

Me:I’m running short on time here so just to wrap up , is there anything you’d like to end with before we go?

Sayazake: Are the stories you’ve created working for you?

End Transmission!

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