Remember Who You Are. “Who Am I?”

Iam here to remember who iam.

I am here to show everyone who iam.

Iam here to better the world with who I am.

The big question, the only question that remains is “Who Am I?”

In this lifetime the most difficult question I ever asked myself was “Who Am I?”

I don’t know if it ever skims people’s brains, but I know it has definitely swam in my brain. The big question. This is a question I feel alot of people either avoid, misunderstand or just don’t ask themselves. When we ask who am I, it is never meant to be taken in a literal sense. In the literal sense this question can be easily answered . Ex:

John Doe


Occupation: Factory worker.

End of (Story)

Terrific. Congratulations on making it this far in life “John” you’re able to support yourself and you’ve got security and you’re making a living.

So your question before “WHO AM I?”

Would be ….Am I happy?

You’d first start off by saying either yes and justifying how you’re job is working for you and you’re gonna get a new one as soon as you feel ready. or you’ll say no but is happiness gonna pay these bills?

Both two understandable points. In my experience though, I’ve come to the conclusion that nobody on the planet wants to be angry or unhappy all the time. It’s just not a good feeling.It’s the absolute worst. We all had/ have dreams when we were kids or even teenagers and even as adults we have dreams. Why put those on the backburner or bury them because we are afraid? We get afraid all the time but we are still here on the planet able to still go to work and do all the other things we like to do. So why not take a chance on your dream, why not take a chance on your happiness?

Living from a place of fear never got anyone what they truly wanted.

Living from a place of anger or hate or ignorance, never brought upon happiness.

If we are to advance and truly make a difference in this world, WE MUST BELIEVE IN OURSELVES!!

We must follow that voice in our head that screams “Yes! Yes we can do it!”  We have been given a chance to do something positive for our planet and our communities and we get to truly make an impact. That difference you’ve always wanted to make , guess what, you get to make that difference , why? Because you matter! Because you’re important and your voice gets to be heard too.

You get to stand out against the grain and become a leader and stand powerfully in your vision for your life. By taking control of your life , you give others the permission to do the same. If you can do it then another can do it and another can do it. We get to create the space for peace, abundance, joy and love on the planet, but it starts with you. It starts with getting in touch with “Your self” LOVE YOURSELF and be the difference. You get to be grateful for this moment that you have and you get to spread your joy to others because nobody can take your joy from you unless you let them. You get to choose.

If you remember who you are, then you can answer the question, “Who Am I?”

“Separation is an illusion. Racism,Starvation and independence is an illusion.”


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