Self awareness

Self awareness.
I would say that it is a scary topic for some. Perhaps I’m just imagining things as I do tend to get wrapped up in my head at times. The imagination runs rampant. It is so beautiful to know that I have escaped the old illusions that held me back. I am confident within myself. My body feels lighter and efficient. This is possible for all. In their own way ,path. Journey, whatever that person may call it. Self awareness and happiness is possible. The only thing stopping them is perception. Perception is a hard thing to deal with.
I’m too fat,
I’m too tall
I’m too short
I’m too skinny
But the biggest question we must ask ourselves is..”Says who”

Our lives are one big spiritual journey. We have been summoned here to this planet, to share our gifts and knowledge and experience with others and the actual planet. There is something to drives us to do the things that make us happy. Complete and total focus on material wealth is running away from yourself, in my opinion and I could be wrong. But I’m willing to be wrong.
When it’s time to do something scary or foreign to us, a story becomes created. Th e story we tell ourselves as to why we can’t or couldn’t do it. Why is it that bad things are so much easier to manifest within our minds instead of positive thoughts. The bad is there to reinforce the power of the positive. Positive is possible.
The fact that a person may feel positive is not possible is the reason why it won’t be. Perception controls everything. Things we say about ourselves, the things we say about others, the things we say about the world.

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