Lost in By Lenard Sayazake

I will be posting words here frequently to uplift others in such a way that would have them wonder where i’ve been hiding all this time. =)
I hope you enjoy.

“Lost In…” By Lenard Sayazake

Hmm. You seem to be lost but yet you have found yourself in a puddle of the darkness. What that means for you I know not, Yet, I do know the darkness. I’ve held it, bathed in it, spake to it. The black and I are not so different once you break the mindset of which has caused you to find the darkness. So to is the same for those who sit in the light. What is the difference? Well, that all depends how we identify being lost. Just as the darkness can consume you , so can the light. Light is just as blinding as the darkness, for they are one in the same. Balance. So you see in the end, we play a game of balancing the light and the darkness. Breathe for you are alive and able to play such games. Children of earth rejoice as we are gifted with such abundance to be lost in. What seems dark now will eventually light the way and reveal the unknown in which your reward hides.Aha says the lost man who removes the blindfold.


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