Intimacy and It’s language.

This is a True Story

Out of all my friends, I get the least ass, That’s okay.

I know now that it’s okay but if you asked my younger self, He’d probably tell you to fuck off.

But the thing I know about my younger self and my current self is that we both love mental and spiritual connections. More so than physical connection. I want to speak so passionately and beautifully to people and really connect on such a high level. Words are so powerful and can change the tide of almost any battle. Imagine speaking in another language about something powerfully and so passionately and the other person is just so enrolled in what you’re saying because you’re speaking with so much love and passion in your being. That’s amazing. Mental and spiritual connection is so powerful and important. For a chance to really see someone and understand them, even if for a moment, thats very powerful. I’m sure we all just want to be understood in some form or fashion. Now imagine if we spake to each other from a place of love and passion and desire. Imagine what sex would be like if there was a stronger connection than just the physical body. Imagine if you were in your partners thoughts and they were in yours? Imagine how great that would feel, to hold your partner and communicate in such a totally foreign and ancient language that is so clear, so close.

I’ve been thinking of the kind of passion I want to bring. The kind of love,passion and desire I want to bring would require full vulnerability. To really tear my skin off and rip open my rib cage and show people, the world and/or my partner my soul. My actual burning kindred soul which calls forth beauty, love,passion,desire and peace. Even my heart would explode if I gave it the task of holding all of those. Intimacy reveals the soul. Are you afraid to show your soul? Are you afraid to let others know you have a soul? Are you afraid to let your soul play? Are you…..

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