Something Passionate

I just quit smoking weed. Actually thats a lie I quit a week ago but I’ve smoked three times this week since my quitting.


Lately, Ive been feeling this overwhelming feel of desire and passion and love. It’s been burrowing inside of me like a worm trying to find warmth in the earth. I listened to a french song and it jolted a crazy vision into me. This foreign scene of two people in a bossanova type film but they were on a beach in France laughing and enjoying each others company. They went to their villa or whatever, The house or condo was beautiful and the colors were very warm. The beautiful boy probably named Marcelo or something was making love to this beautiful girl who loved to be seduced in French. She flirts back with smiles and and squirming while Marcelo speaks beautiful words in french. Playfully and passionately making love to each other, moving around the bed chasing each other only to wind up back together. Love & passion. Je suis dans le monde.

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