Ridiculous Dream!

Word of advice: Don’t play “Ninja Revenge” and listen to depressing music before you go to bed at 3am or else this happens…Enjoy.

I was with Danielle on the seven train, she was wearing her black and white stripped shirt with her puffs in her hair. She fell asleep but I was sitting across from her watching her. The train stops at court square but it doesn’t look like it. A dumpster is In front of the train and the first car conductor is asking me to move the dumpster but I refuse. A German Shepard moves the dumpster and Danielle & I walk up a hill and talk about our relationship. All is said and done and we hug it out and we go our separate ways. Somehow I wind up going to Christian’s house and there’s this black older man who looked about 5’6 and he was wearing a blue hoodie. He was bothering me and tried to act tough with me. I walked up to him and he looked me in the face with this ugly face to scare me. I walked away, he threw something at me, I stopped, turned around and looked at him,I began walking towards him but I saw he had someone on the side hidden so they could jump me. I ran away, but the way I ran was very ninja like.I went to get Chris so we could fight but his house looked different,so I get lost. I walk around towards a bridge and got up top somehow. I’m looking for a way Down but everything is so high up. I saw a slide down but I would of broke my legs if I jumped from that high. So I get back up and look around urgently but that’s when some Japanese gangsters who are very well dressed with women on their arms , see me and start chasing me. At this point idgaf how high I am, I don’t wanna die. I jump off stuff to dodge gunfire and my foot gets stuck and I’m upside down. I see the Japanese man walking towards me gun in hand and I scream “nooooooo” and I unlodge myself from the gap. I fall somewhere and I Start running down a street so fast,like with actual track runner technique. I can see cars driving next to me and I’m out running some cars because I’m so scared. I burst through this dance studio which Kirsten is teaching dance at. She notices my green jacket and says “hey William ,I’m like hi Kirsten ,talk to you later bye!” My heart is racing so fast I finally get out of the shop and I wind up in some area which has dark spots. It says “196 people pl” as the address with 44th street. So I’m trying to think very fast how I can map my way home because for some reason that would make everything go away. I have my phone in front of me but it’s got the map open and I’m trying to call for help but everything is happening so fast. I close my phone and try to do it in my head. I started running toward my new surroundings but I saw like two people and I’m moving quickly. I go towards 196 people pl And I see a dead end of darkness but you can see the bricks forming a crescent dead end. I turn back around and go a different way. More dark areas, And I didn’t trust the people I was walking past. So I hauled ass for the studio again. Kirsten left by this time and people were sitting waiting for something. I saw a Japanese man wearing a burgundy vest with a white dress shirt. And then another one as I was running out of the store in a panic. As I did that I heard him mutter in Japanese but I understood it as “that’s him.” I started running for my life. The cops get involved and start coming by the dozens. Driving and making roadblocks,doing whatever it takes to stop me. I’m running for my life so fast I jump over the group’s of police cars and try to make my way home again. The cops begin to become more intense and reckless and as soon as I jump over a good chunk of cop cars, one car comes out of nowhere and hits my legs from underneath me and I slam my body on the ground and then :wasted : came up and then I died and I woke up scared.

Can Anyone tell me What this means?!

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