This is the story of a man who was loved by every, but one.

This story is actually very happy but it will be told in the perspective of the sad.

“Everyone asks for you.”
“Everyone always asks where’s ‘…'”
“Everyone love’s you”

But you.
…… I find it astonishing, brilliant actually, that I can’t have you. Anyone, anyone in the world would burn desire in my face with theirs. Strip themselves of their ego and give it to me as their owner, but, not you.

“He chuckled”

Do you think me plain? Do I bore you? As if only being a screw , which drives itself into your being but is denied because my nail is just short of your soul, You’re cruel.Let it be known that I am one small skip, nay. I am but a sneeze from madness. The irony hear,I stand before you always ,yet I see you but do you see me? I’ve the whole world my audience, a fleeting crowd who have come to watch an oxymoronic victory, would thee, care to speak? but only speak beautiful words for I do not wish to sully your being with such harsh ,jagged literacy, I flee. From such macabre displays, I ask, nay Demand you speak your being.

Why won’t you love me?

|Because I don’t love myself|


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