So I did a little thinking. Does anyone remember when we were in school how when the teacher took attendance, we had to say “Here” or “Present”
I look at life the same way. Life has always been school even when we went into a building for 7hrs of our day. The point I’m making here is in life when you are “Here” or “Present” , there is so much to see.So much to do. Bringing myself present humbles the hell out of me.
I created this dialogue in my head where someone asks me how they can get more out of their life? What lies ahead for them. So I looked at this person and said, well first question I wanna ask you is , Do you think you’re enough? They look at me like ,”What?” I ask this because If you know that you’re enough then you can understand that everything you need is at your fingertips at THIS moment. It’s not in the future somewhere hiding from you.Your future is in this moment called “Here” or “Present” Make peace with the here and now and understand what’s possible and what steps can be taken to have your present be a present. It’s not about the destination,but the journey itself.

2 thoughts on “Present!

  1. Present is the only place to be.

    Actions of the past cannot change what has been done, but long as we learn from previous mistakes and attain forgiveness where it is required if at all possible.

    Actions of the future may not even happen so why concern ourselves with potentiality.

    Of course the theory is much easier than the practice 🙂

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