So this piece is called “Twoism” only because im listening to that song by “Boards Of Canada.”

It ties in with what I have to say anyway so screw it, right?

A lot of thought has gone into what I will make of myself in the future. I’m not scared or nervous for the future, I’m more excited because I’ve reflected on all the gifts and talents I’ve got in my arsenal and It’s actually quite exciting.

Visual art has really been sinking in. Of course I also love meditating with people and teaching them to relax and spreading knowledge. I know all of this ties in at some point. I’ve also been doing alot of spiritual readings on how to become free and align yourself with your dreams. Some nights I want to cry because of how beautiful this opportunity is. I recently got a lance tattoo’d on my left bicep and I feel so inspired to start working and creating business for myself and building my empire. I will have the life Ive always talked about since i was a child. I will admit , I lost focus when I delved into a romantic relationship. It was great but now I see why It’s over. Perhaps I just wasnt ready or that would have interfered with what is next for me. Its amazing when I’m able to see the other side of the story and really look at situations from all angles. Instead of blaming myself or the other party involved. True freedom; or what feels like it at least.

I’m most definitely down to find my true purpose/ begin my true purpose. There are those who are looking for what I have to offer and I’d be letting myself and others down if I hid my talents. It is my life’s journey and goal to become a free spirit. I will find a love so true it burns through space and time and transcends all things. I will know that love.

I will see the earth and experience it in all of its glory. I will become a cultured man and really blossom into the person I imagined as a young boy, completely clueless of himself and the world. There is no limit in what I can do or what is possible for me. I may have made mistakes in the past but that was then and this now. New day, new moment. Whoever is reading this , know that I am love and so are you. Everything you thought was never possible ,is possible because you said so. Let’s shift the planet together. With love and courage.

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