Cyberpunk, My life’s Work.

So, Immediately it becomes all about cyberpunk right?!( Excited)

Here is an interview I did for a brainstorm of ideas.

Sayazake: As a kid i’ve always had so many ideas. I grew up watching alot of kung fu films, action movies , a bit of porno (Ha ha) and cartoons. I was always a visual person. I was never able to solve a problem in my head and figure it out. I was the type to see the things involved and take care of it. Iam a creative individual who loves watching films, anime, drawing pictures,taking photos and meditating. All of that has created this body you see before you. When it came to films I was always a fan of action, comedy, romance, science fiction, old films (foreign mostly)

The cyberpunk genre is my top favorite genre ever. Ever.

The way my imagination works now is only in cyberpunk. Especially when there is so much technology circulating. We might be in a modern version of the fifth element right now in this timeline we are living.

Interviewer: Can you tell us a bit more about cyberpunk?

Sayazake: Cyberpunk is all about the revolt man. The digital revolution. That’s why “Punk” is in the word. The old ways won’t work. We have to adapt with the times. The cyberpunk revolution is here and iam excited. The films i want to make are cyberpunk based. Cyberpunk expands just beyond one genre like : Romance, Comedy, Horror. It can encompass all of that in an avant garde way. The rave scenes and the science and spirituality that can drip from a science fiction cyberpunk film. It just gives me goosebumps.

My goal/mission/ job as an artist ,as a creative individual, is to bring cyberpunk to life. To bring the cyberpunk revolution to the third dimension and watch reality shift.


Whatever I have to do , I will do it. This means everything to me. Japanese cyberpunk and cyberpunk in general with a mixture of teenage or kids in their twenties having a teenage rebellion type of deal.


That’s my art and I’ve been running from it for too long.

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