Wizardry & Creativity Are the Same.

I’d been doing some thinking on the subject of magic and witchcraft. Its actually truly incredible. The whole lore behind wizardry and witchcraft involves incantations,spells and rituals, however exaggerated it may appear. Things are manifested from taking action or speaking said incantation into existence.

Much like those who are courageous enough to speak their dreams into existence. I see that as a form of wizardry or witchcraft. No one ever said those two had to be evil. I know how sometimes we can equate witchcraft as being evil. I know people from way back probably did. Witchcraft and Wizardry can be a form of creativity taking place in a new way. Lately I’ve been heavily interested in Harry Potter and I love how the wand is an extension of them. Speaking spells and other words with great power so that they can accomplish what they want. Very cool.

I see life in the same way. Our wands being our life & mixture of our words also. I read a post about the explanation behind “Avada Kedava” and the explanation is mind blowing. So, to give  bit of backstory before I begin. I suppose it’s kind of thing that people say dont wish death upon anyone or anything, with that being a bit of a very harsh and powerful to say and do , “Avada Kedava” is actually the same way. I read that it translates into “I speak dead bodies into existence” Thats some powerful shit. Now imagine speaking that to someone in front of you and it actually happening. That’s serious.

Wizards and Witches have been speaking creation into existence forever and I suppose we are supposed to believe that witches and wizards do not exist. Ha! Yeah right! Maybe not riding on top of dragons and teleporting to different places but in the same token I believe witchcraft and wizardry still exist. It’s called Creativity.

That’s how I like to look at things. Trusting in your power as a supernatural being to accomplish things in accordance to the universe. Stay tuned for my next post where I talk about “The Renaissance Of You”


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