A Letter of Apology To Myself

I forgive you for the abuse you put me through.
Perhaps you needed to know what it was like.
Sometimes Pain has a way of teaching more than pleasure ever could.
You know I could never be mad at you.
I may yell at you or be stern with you but thats only because I care.

So you left.

You came back & We sat together.

I love you.
You love I.

I never left you know that right?
I was with you the whole time.
When you cried I cried too.
When you asked why, I whispered to you.

So perhaps it wasn’t abuse but Misuse.
Though you never said Goodbye, there were a bunch of Miss You’s

& I did too.
We’ve been together so long and we’ll grow old together, so how could I be mad at you?
Let’s do it together this time.
& If you forget, I’ll be right there waiting for you to come back
Because you always do.
Billy, You’re the best

& I love you.

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