Shi.Nobi [The World I live in.]

In the last past month i’ve done an extensive amount of contemplation and I’ve reached this point here. I’d like to share with everyone my vision of the world.

My name is William Lenard Walker Jr, I’m 24 years old and I’m a shinobi. Being influenced by Naruto and anime alike, I decided that I would become a shinobi and live that lifestyle. I told myself I wouldn’t be held back by stereotypes and expectations people have hold over my head or have for me. I refused. Now, you may be reading this and taking the word “Shinobi” as a literal term. Ninja. When I say Shinobi , I mean it in a sense of Artistry. My mind has traveled many places before landing here in this space. I also claim to be a wizard because of what the word means to me and my artistry. My style, my way of thinking, my spirit.

Taking influence from Naruto, I adopted my own “Shinobi” style . Though my name is William Walker Jr , I also answer to Lenard Sayazake.


Who Is Lenard Sayazake?

Lenard Sayazake, Creator of The Sayazake Clan, Ex-Military and The Freeloader Channel.

A young artist residing in Jamaica queens aka “The Hidden Leaf Village.” Training to become one of the greatest Shinobi in the history of the world. I believe in magic and I believe the messages that certain anime’s hold. We are more than the physical manifestation which we hold so dear to us. There is an internal force so strong , it keeps us going as long as we trust in it. Anime and the adoration I have for the japanese culture has taught me so much about myself and how I see the world. I will always owe my success to Japan for its wisdom. Arigato Gouzaimasu!

I bring all this information to your attention for a couple of reasons.

  1.  I want to inspire people to go after their dreams. Become whatever it is you always wanted to be , nothing is too silly or dumb or out of reach. It can become more than a dream if you make it a lifestyle. Trust in yourself and make it work. This is your reality. It will work because you’ve said so.
  2. I want to make a strong comeback to the Ex-Military webpage and produce new work for you guys and myself. I want to inspire and help new shinobi and wizards or witches or even elves. Whatever you want to identify as , identify as it ,become it. Become Ex-Military and change your thinking to a way that serves you and doesn’t work against you.
  3. I want people to know who Iam. That I exist, that Iam real. I wish for nothing but peace,love and prosperity without judgement. I have love for everyone and I would like to help others who are unsure of themselves or could use guidance.
  4. If I sound crazy or delusional then great. Perhaps I can make you curious as to how this thinking can exist or even be a thing.

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