Speak to Me.

Only the rain spake as we held hands into oblivion.
The walk home was quiet and I felt so rooted within myself.

No false stimulation, no forced interaction. Just me with you.
Oh how I wished I could have stayed out there forever. Listening to your voice.

What do you sound like, only I know.
What do you feel like? Only I know.

I want only to hold your hand in these times of desperation. How I wish another would accept my gift but none other than you accept me and take me within.
You have no eyes but I can see you clearly.
No body to grab but I hold you dear.

Those words you spake, ring always in ear.
Whenever I’m broken, you always come near.
Never what I want to hear but what I need, to be steered.
Be who I want , even if I’m seen queer.

I love you and I feel your presence.
I wish that moment could last forever
but it has and it will.
Tonight I lay solo, but you’ll be beside me still.

Speak to me,….

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