Where Am I Going?

How do you plan to support yourself?

Never have I hated such a question. Just the thought of it brings my blood to a boil. I’ve recently quit my job and I am now going through my two weeks of work that I have left. It’s such a sad feeling, leaving. The people at my job love me and they express their love as I tell them I’ll be departing soon.

Last Saturday, I meditated on this decision. I’d been thinking on it for some time and I asked the universe and my guides for help. I quieted my mind and the answer came to me. The voice said freelance and I smiled, nearly cried. I thanked the universe and cried my eyes out. Nervous as fuck, I told my boss I’d like to resign and I felt grown and responsible. I took my life by the horns and made a decision for myself. I truly believe that I can do this. I believe that I can thrive doing things that I want to do and being led by the universe to places that will further my growth as a creative being of creation. I understand that I was at Ralph lauren to create an atmosphere of love and friendship and even compassion. It was there at Ralph Lauren where I trained mentally,spiritually and physically. I learned alot about myself in Momentum Education and I strengthened my communication and relationship with the universe.

I learned that I am a god.

Perhaps I’m mental but , If I am a god how could I not thrive and be successful in this third dimensional reality?
Manifestation is my power. Through the power of thought and action I am able to create. So, isn’t it possible that I could create a path for myself and make money without being under a corporation?

What I don’t like or appreciate is how we place so much value in corporations. I understand that we all do it and buy clothing and other items from these corporations but to hide under a corporation because they provide money for us when we are all gods and have special skills and abilites. That’s a bit weird to me. I understand being independent is not for everyone because we all want different things and some people dont see it this way, but I do and I’m gonna stick by this.
But, perhaps this is why there is a bit of fear in my heart. Perhaps I’m seeing this in a perspective of scarcity. How can I shift my thinking so that i can benefit from being independent.

So allow me to correct myself. The jobs I have worked have brought me to this point and Iam grateful for that. Thank you.

The jobs ive worked have bought me all sorts of things that I wanted and needed, so for that Iam grateful. Thank you.

What are your goals?

Great question.

My goals are to travel the world and learn from many different cultures and varieties of people.
To create relationships and connections with others from around the world.
It is my goal to be one of the most powerful leaders in the history of the world.
I wish to create art with artists from all over the world and work on projects which shift the consciousness of the planet.

It is my goal to expand my consciousness and align myself with the wealth and riches of the world.

It is my goal to enter the next reality/ dimension having lived a full, adventurous, outrageous, authentic life.
It is my goal to manifest the Sayazake Clan and form a network of artists and creative beings who wish to create and shift the planet alongside me.

Spirituality has become very real for me.

Some would say that Iam weird or crazy but I speak to my advisors who live inside of my being. I know them as (Mifune & Luna) they are others but they have no actual names.
I spend alot of time alone because I wish to tap into the universal flow of consciousness and I do not wish to be disturbed or distracted. I want only peace,kindness and compassion for everyone and sometimes I need to be alone to recharge.

Do you ever feel as if You’ve made a mistake?

In regards to spirituality and the life I live and how I choose to express myself, never. I am who I am. I speak to people who aren’t in the third dimension, that’s just what it is. In regards to purpose and quitting my job with just an outline of how it’s gonna go, sometimes but that’s fear speaking. I don’t know what’s around the corner, nobody does. I feel people have concerns because of the fact that we’ve been conditioned to belief that making money outside of work isn’t considered working or it’s terribly difficult so there’s no way it can happen because you need to support yourself with safety/ security. For all I know , I could have fans all over the world who are waiting for me to go full time as an artist and pump out work so they could pay top dollar for my stuff. There could be someone in the world right now surfing the web looking for the next artist to collab with and we could potentially create something so epic, we travel the world and showcase our creativity. Anything can happen.

I really strongly believe there is deep rooted magic in the world , let alone the universe, to make things conspire in such a way that you scratch your head and wonder how you’ve been blessed with such a reward. Look at lotto winners, giving away all their money on luck; nobody says anything, yet everyone prays on winning numbers. Magic.


This has become sort of a vent letter but it’s real shit though. Everyday I hold on to my self belief and trust my advisers.

Iam Smart
I am Innovative
I am Creative
I am Enough

I am an urgent Responsible Vulnerable leader.


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