Curiosity of the Faceless


Do you fear me?

I don’t mean this in the fashion of being afraid of me. What I mean is, are you afraid I will reject you? Do you fear loving me because you think I will leave or you will say something wrong and our interaction will mean nothing more than just a glance in your direction.

Do you want to talk to me? Do you want to be connected to me in some shape or fashion but find that you don’t trust yourself?
I only ask because I believe social media has made us fear communication.

We leave comments in hopes of being seen out of the multitude of fans and followers but maybe sometimes feel deep down whats the point they wont answer me. Why would they?

We look and admire people’s works from all over the state,country and world and keep our true admiration secret in hopes of our words not falling on deaf ears, or blind eyes in this case.

Do you find me unreachable?

Do you find me brave, brazen, reckless, arrogant? So much so that you would pass by my station of works and words and images and not even so much as say hello? Perhaps you would make my day by dropping even a smiley face just to let me know that you appreciate seeing me pop up on your feed.

I am for the people. I am no celebrity. I can be arrogant at times, yes, but If you would like to connect or speak to me, do so.

Something that gets under my skin is when we wait for tragedy to strike and then we all wish to come out of our shells and our little holes of self doubt,blindness and ego. “Oh how i wish i could of told him how much I loved him” ” He was so amazing” “I never knew him but I felt like we could of been great friends”

Social media is not that serious. It is an illusion built to feed your ego. Sure, I will gladly include myself because I am human as well, but I make a conscious effort to spread myself across the platforms to reach out to people I have interest in.

Now im not saying you have to go out and seek everyone but if you like something say something, Let’s build a relationship or connection if that word makes you feel better. Let’s build connections rather than our “Instagram likes” or tumblr notes or what have you.

So back to my first statement.

Do you fear me?

Or does it not matter to you to withhold a feeling deep inside of you? No judgement, no saying this is what you HAVE ┬áto do. But think on that. What’s possible if you stepped out of your comfort zone and said hi to someone you followed or built a connection with someone who enjoys your work and wants to have a conversation?

What’s possible?

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