Mantra for the Masses

It’s More Than A Dream, It’s a Lifestyle.

Rejoice! For today Heaven is possible.

Today, I am strong.

I am strong because yesterday gave me a gift that I received today.

There is no other day than today. I accept the things I cannot change and I accept the responsibility of the things that I can. Today I get the chance to be my higher self and have happiness in my being.

Let’s not search for solace outside of our vessel but let’s look within. Whatever you perceive comes from you. We have the power to change our perspective and our way of looking and dealing with that which troubles us.

Fighting yourself and cursing yourself will not cause the seed to grow any faster. The seed will be afraid to come out in fear of disappointment of your expectations.

Allow what comes and let it pass. If you cannot change it, accept it. If you can change it, change it.
Breathing is our lifeline. It connects us to the outside while helping the inside. It’s okay.

Sayazake Note:

You know the saying, “It’s the little things that count.” It’s a real statement. When going about your day, accept and acknowledge all the little things that come into your life. Maybe you find two dollars on the street, maybe you cleaned your room and found an old book, even seeing a family member. All these little things make the difference in having a bad day or a good day. Huge monumental things wont always happen in daily life but that’s okay but we all start somewhere. Do your best to smile. Even if you feel like you have nothing to smile about, do it anyway. You don’t have to identify as a sad hopeless person, that doesn’t have to be you. It’s okay to be sad; i get sad too. The trick is not to stay there. Keep moving, nobody said you couldn’t slow down so long as you keep moving. Go at your own pace but also challenge yourself. It can’t hurt any worse, right?


Mantras for Your Day.

Our words have powers when we imbue them so.
Let’s have some fun today. [Yes it’s okay to have fun =)]

Today we are going to be student’s at the Lenard Sayazake Academy of Spectral Arts.

Our goal for today is to Imbue our words with positive reinforcement. We will speak positivity in our lives and our environment. Firstly we will need to begin with ourselves.

Where ever you are right now, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe, let everything fall away for a moment. Now in this moment you are going to speak positive words about this day. Allow yourself to become child like. Speak beautiful things into the world and the universe. Create the energy around how you’d like your day to go. You can use your own or the mantra’s I’ve written below.

I am Going to have a great day.

I Love you. (Looking into the mirror and speaking to yourself.)

I am Going to be happy today.

I am what’s wanted and needed today.

I am Beautiful.

I am Worthy.

I am (Enter positive reinforcement)

Ending notes:

I know how hard it can be to want to shift your day from a negative to a positive but it is possible. It’s just gonna require you to be different. You can only butt heads with someone before you find yourself asking “Why me?!”

I ask that you trust that you can succeed in life and be your own person and thrive instead of just survive. Faith will take you there. Faith in yourself. If you are still alive on the planet, faith will keep you going. Together we can shift the planet but first we need to check ourselves before we check someone else. We are all human and we all have our problems.


Lenard Sayazake- “It’s more than a dream, It’s a lifestyle.”



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