Otto October.

Phot taken by Lindsay Wesemeyer

‚ÄčAutumn feels like the warm embrace of someone you really Like. It feels like that person you’ve had a crush on for a bit and they tell you they like you back. 

Autumn feels like sweaters being bought for the same reason as wanting to hug someone special.

I love thick sweaters. 

I wear oversized clothes and pretend I’m a child again. The clothes are too big they don’t fit! I didn’t appreciate it then because I wanted to be bigger, now I see the presence of that moment and I want to be smaller. Just for a Moment in time. Before I have to be big again. 

Autumn feels like being held before you have to go to school. Wanting to be embraced before you have to go the rigidity that is an institution.

There is no love here, it is a barren wasteland of catch and release. 

Grab the information that sticks, apply it to yourself or the version of yourself you wish to assimilate to and succeed. That was Winter.
I miss you Mother Autumn. I miss you. You and mother nature house me. The winter wants to sharpen me up. The spring opens the path for me and the summer I must travel. 

I miss you Mother Autumn. Please rain and let me know you hear me. The wind is not enough. The chilling of your words let’s me know it’s time to go inside but, your tears let me know that you care. 

Of all the seasons you were the most interesting. 

Father sends me to be a man. To look bigger than I am and stare a man in the eye so that I may speak to his soul directly. Though, I am grateful. For had I not stepped into the cold, I would be famished.

Spring is my first sister. The eldest of the two. Summer was always youngest. She shined the brightest as Spring cried the hardest. Those two, yin and yang. Summer and sprang. I never minded sunlight but I always loved Rain.

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