Ex-Military// No one’s Soldier.

You May Enter ,Fool.

I awoke this morning to find myself in gratitude for the day presented to me. I thank you, Your majesty

*Majestic bow*

You may Proceed when ready, Fool.

Very well and so I shall.

I awoke to find myself drawn to the newest “Barbershop” film. This movie caught my attention and jogged my memory of a time where reality hit me and uncertainty followed me more than ever. I would say others uncertainty more so than mine. I will explain.

For those of you who are aware of who I am or how this society perceives me, I am a young black man. History dictates that I have been on this planet for twenty four years so far and I’ve grown up in an urban sector of Queens; Jamaica to be exact. This movie Barbershop touches on issues the Black community faces or may face. Something that stuck out to me was “Gang Involvement.”  As a younger man, I was faced with a decision to be a part of a gang or a “family” as they call it. What pretty words for an ugly scene. In times of uncertainty, disbelief and ego , nothing can be promised to you. At any moment a wrong look will warrant a beating. A conversation to the wrong girls or boys will have you become a target.I want not to involve myself with such  false promises.

When I look back at MY history not the history of the world, I see how I have always been courageous and brave , even when I thought I was being cowardly. I walked alone and needed none to “watch my back” or “protect me.”

Being a black individual who wishes not to involve himself in “political” matters makes me feel as though there is a target on my back once again. Countless times I have been approached by others in an attempt to be recruited into something I do not align myself with; though I understand it’s importance. I suppose there is a target on my back regardless. Take for instance “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” I understand it’s importance, I understand the movement and the struggle that people of color and minorities face each and everyday, I live that. I am Black. Given that I understand the importance of this movement, I support it and wish for peace on the planet for all people and for minorities to be treated as actual human beings with justice being served for them; That I am clear on. What I won’t align myself with, is feeling as if I should be so gunho to jump to the front of the line and shove BLACK LIVES MATTER in people’s faces and be superduper about this because of the fact that I am Black. Automatically my skin color should force me to be a devout activist and if I’m not saying it then others will say it for me or look at me as if I’m the enemy? No thank you.

Everyone has their way of expressing how they are feeling and my way is by expressing words of hope and inspiring others through creation. By being a black man who is doing well for himself and progressing through society as an artist is my way of saying that BLACK LIVES MATTER. I want to enjoy my life and “childhood”, I’m not going to give my life to this cause just because people feel I should because I’m black. If this sounds disrespectful then forgive me, that’s not my intent. What I intend to do is express how I feel about how I choose to live my life. I lead by example everyday and take actions to get where I want to go. So many times I hear angry discussions of how we are mistreated and how we should do this or do that and nothing is ever put into motion, not even a little bit. I cannot & will not align myself with just angry words, especially if there is no real drive behind them.

I will contribute the best way I know how and it WILL offer change. I know that I must start within myself first before I attempt to fix the external.

I am No One’s Soldier.


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