Magicks & Attraction

You May Begin.

I wish to hold your attention for a moment!
I have awoken and found Magick to be true in it’s purest form. A matter of vibration has sent action into our world. Action which resonated with me and sent me into a state of shock, awe and curiousity.
I’ve seen magicks like this before coming from its purest form ,being. This power, how can I obtain it? How can I harness it?! The truth I have found is that there is Nature in our words. Destruction and creation. To build myself I must talk to myself and cast incantations of powerful intent to manifest what it is I wish to create. Oh woe is me I must be vigilant, I cry. For I have been used to others doing such for me, I must act of my own accord if I am to survive this game. I must learn spells which will boost my vitality, spark flame within my core, Control my mind to dance gracefully around reaction. I must, work. I must, fight.
The law of attraction has revealed itself to me for I am a student of it. Although, the master plans to disappear every now and again, I wait because I cannot see. Since i cannot see I believe myself to lose feeling. As if I’ve passed to the next laugh. My soul laughs! A hearty laugh;simply from disbelief that the body would fall victim to such a ruse.
I shall express how I feel in this moment.
A time. A change. A reuniting of friendships, love and memories; Adventure begins anew. A dance, A dance, Hurah hurah, I only wanted to dance in the air and let my wings breathe. I couldn’t be anything less than a creature of light. I accept where Iam in this moment and I gladly and humbly bow.
It has been a while since I have bowed. I’d recently came in a jolt of confidence, heftier than the grandest millions of dollars. I have learned to love myself and smile when I see I to I. My hair grows as a crown a shows, I’d found myself a tyrant. Too afraid to bow for fear that my crown will leave me and I will be seen a peasant.
I’ve bowed my head and released my grip on purpose. I’d not realized that my crown became materialistic. My mind the true crown. For why else would we wear crowns on our heads. Bow to life, & bow to service. The point of becoming the king is not to work less but to inspire others by how hard you work. The boss must inspire his workers not by speaking for that will come out as condescending or tyrannical. The boss must enact their plan so the workers will follow. It is in action that the pull occurs. Moving forward not speaking forward. The incantation must be followed by the action in order for the manifestation to appear. As you have bowed to life and surrendered control to the universe it shall reciprocate. We are facing the mirror always. Life is a game of choice and game.
As the child contorts its face in front of the mirror it is given back exactly what was put out.
Isn’t that fascinating?
I have said all of this to say what? To merely express my feelings and thoughts in a way that possibly you could understand. Life is so interesting when we step back and look at it from a different point of view.
Today & everyday of my life I shall live in abundance and love. Abundance of love, abundance of creation, abundance of the word and Abundance of the self.
I am courageous for my heart speaks the tongue of Lions. I am wealthy for my worth knows no limit, no number.
I am successful because my body still draws breath as the archer draws its bow and releases. I am a leader for I am the one who changes to create change.

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