When your voice becomes an echo.

“ I miss you.” Said I

I told her. I said it because I meant it. I said it because it was real for me in that moment. I spoke out.
I think the only thing worse than someone telling you they don’t miss you back or telling you they don’t feel the same way is when they are quiet and no response is given back. That kills me. At least if you’re told straight up thats not how I feel, I feel better knowing that my energy and voice actually connected with said person. To not respond is like listening to yourself over and over again on loop say the same thing.
Speak. Speak to me. Even if what you have to say stings ,let it. I don’t care if it hurts me when you tell me that you don’t love me or you don’t think of me or you could care less about what and how I feel, but to go silent?
You don’t want to hurt me, so don’t. Speak up.
You had your voice when we spake beautiful words together. You had your voice when you told me things I hadn’t known. You had your voice when you first said Hi.
& because you refused to go with the flow and be the bearer of pain and creation, you decided you would lose your voice. It’s so simple to make a man cry; No matter how impenetrable his armor.
Was I a fool to have believed you or I a fool for continuing to feel you once you had left. I blamed myself for words spoken but twas how I felt in such a time. Two lives both lived, One far one near, I don’t wish for much but only for you to say; Hello, my dear.

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