Who am I  in comparison to yesterday?
Confident, Courageous,Driven, Happier.

When I’m alone thinking of my what’s next, I am creating an animation of what’s to come. The way I look at my life is as if I were living in a cartoon. There are no limits to what can occur. Anything can happen, Much like this day and age or dimension if you want to think that.

Who am I? Sayazake
Where am I going? All over the world in the pursuit of knowledge,Experience, Adventure, Art and to live a fantastic unlimited life.


“I’am always creating. Always, Always, Always. Whether it’s mantra’s for myself, a new mindset, art or and experience, It is always created by me. I am the author of my life and so I will write the most insanely brilliant story anyone could have ever imagined. I am truly grateful that I’ve been given the chance to live out my life. When I look at what I’ve been given and what I’m capable of, it almost brings me to tears. I grew up afraid, angry, arrogant and I couldn’t understand why life wouldn’t give me what I want. Now though at times I can still be Arrogant , Angry and Afraid, I understand why and I can push past it and understand I’ve done this to myself. ”


Anything is possible when we become the thing we wish to achieve.

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