“Who Is Sayazake?”

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this latest piece. I have been going through some very tough ,new, unexpected feelings as of late. I’ve been evolving into a higher version of myself and sometimes that takes getting rid of old habits and allowing the pain to leave the body. Growth as they call it. As my internal growth begins, so does my work. I’ve begun a series of new ventures, all visual, all authentic.

My truth north points to authenticity and it vibrates in my being. To be true to myself and true to the work I am producing.

New projects
New mediums
New feelings

I’m on my way to being in the spotlight.

Many people see the name “Sayazake” but don’t know who or what he is.
“Who Is Sayazake?” What does he really look like? Who is this person who brings us messages from the other side of the screen?
Is this all an elaborate ruse? Is he a genius? Is he someone pretending to be famous? Or! Is Sayazake a woman who only takes pictures of a man?


Deception lives here. Does this work belong to sayazake or is it the work of his environment? The work is evolving.

Experimentation Lives here.

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