Arrogance. I wont lie to you, alot of time I feel as if I’m smarter than most. I’ve trained my mind to believe so. It’s hard not to feel that way sometimes, especially being an observer. Looking at what people react to and how they react is annoying. To me it’s a simple matter of […]

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Start. Who am I  in comparison to yesterday? Confident, Courageous,Driven, Happier. When I’m alone thinking of my what’s next, I am creating an animation of what’s to come. The way I look at my life is as if I were living in a cartoon. There are no limits to what can occur. Anything can happen, […]

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New! Portable Jesus album: Fetish Objects!

Hello everyone and welcome to! The topic at hand here:   Portable Jesus.  Portable Jesus is dropping their newest album “Fetish Objects” September 23,2016 They’ve since dropped a promo track for you guys to hear! To listen to the track , Click on “Portable Jesus” in the top menu section to go directly to […]

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