I wont lie to you, alot of time I feel as if I’m smarter than most. I’ve trained my mind to believe so. It’s hard not to feel that way sometimes, especially being an observer. Looking at what people react to and how they react is annoying. To me it’s a simple matter of looking at what’s happening and using your senses to come to a decision. For example, if someone hands you something that was confused for someone elses, why be in such a “Oh god” mood about it rather than accept what’s happened and keep it moving. Especially fi you’ve not paid for it.

I’ve put myself in a position of what feels like embarrassment, self defeat, self destruction and fear.
Although on my walk back home I saw the future and what that looked like for me and it involves a position of Humility, Success, Self empowerment and love.

I feel alien most days, I can’t lie. I look around at some people and I think to myself even though we be human, i can’t relate to you. I don’t wanna relate to you. People bring their fears to me and because the mind can be hacked if you’re not careful, they become my fears. I begin to worry myself over ideas that I probably didn’t believe in. My strength dwindles and I think myself weak because I’m unable to live up to an expectation someone else had. I used to think dying was the answer, that if I didn’t have to deal with peoples problems or something as trivial as paying your bills on time. Who the fuck is this person to tell me to pay my bills on time or they are gonna shut my stuff off. Fuck you.

I look at children and I smile at them and I cherish children because they don’t know. They don’t have to face harsh realities that we as “adults” have created. We do all this talking about connecting as one and care for your brother and shit and it does exist, I’ve seen it,witnessed it first hand and felt it. I’ve also seen the opposite end of the spectrum. “Take care of each other” But there’s a price on health. We don’t want to heal, we want to treat. Hilarious. Communication is very important but we’re gonna charge you 1000 dollars for a phone so you can communicate.


Here’s the best part, it comes down to personal “choice” they arent doing anything wrong if you choice to align with that.

Rebellion feels like a dying cause. Especially in relation to capitalism.

“Who Is Sayazake?”

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read this latest piece. I have been going through some very tough ,new, unexpected feelings as of late. I’ve been evolving into a higher version of myself and sometimes that takes getting rid of old habits and allowing the pain to leave the body. Growth as they call it. As my internal growth begins, so does my work. I’ve begun a series of new ventures, all visual, all authentic.

My truth north points to authenticity and it vibrates in my being. To be true to myself and true to the work I am producing.

New projects
New mediums
New feelings

I’m on my way to being in the spotlight.

Many people see the name “Sayazake” but don’t know who or what he is.
“Who Is Sayazake?” What does he really look like? Who is this person who brings us messages from the other side of the screen?
Is this all an elaborate ruse? Is he a genius? Is he someone pretending to be famous? Or! Is Sayazake a woman who only takes pictures of a man?


Deception lives here. Does this work belong to sayazake or is it the work of his environment? The work is evolving.

Experimentation Lives here.

“Kiko’s BBQ: Summer’s End” Latest EP from Sin Siddy

The Summer Hit “Kiko’s BBQ”

Coming off of a three year hiatus from music, recording artist “Sin Siddy” has just released his latest EP “Kiko’s BBQ:Summer’s End” you can find it now on soundcloud.

His link to this soundcloud is also in the top menu labeled “Kiko’s BBQ”

The EP will be available on platforms such as Itunes,Spotify and others in the coming weeks.

Happy listening everyone!



Who am I  in comparison to yesterday?
Confident, Courageous,Driven, Happier.

When I’m alone thinking of my what’s next, I am creating an animation of what’s to come. The way I look at my life is as if I were living in a cartoon. There are no limits to what can occur. Anything can happen, Much like this day and age or dimension if you want to think that.

Who am I? Sayazake
Where am I going? All over the world in the pursuit of knowledge,Experience, Adventure, Art and to live a fantastic unlimited life.


“I’am always creating. Always, Always, Always. Whether it’s mantra’s for myself, a new mindset, art or and experience, It is always created by me. I am the author of my life and so I will write the most insanely brilliant story anyone could have ever imagined. I am truly grateful that I’ve been given the chance to live out my life. When I look at what I’ve been given and what I’m capable of, it almost brings me to tears. I grew up afraid, angry, arrogant and I couldn’t understand why life wouldn’t give me what I want. Now though at times I can still be Arrogant , Angry and Afraid, I understand why and I can push past it and understand I’ve done this to myself. ”


Anything is possible when we become the thing we wish to achieve.

Visual Eyes : Lenard Sayazake’s Revolution.

Hey guys & Gals, this is Lenard Sayazake & you are now tuned into the FREELOADER network. Here is an interview I did with FREELOADER Magazine.Super Uninterested.jpg

FL: Lenard Sayazake,Great to have you! How are you?
LS: I’m doing great thank you for inviting me out, Super excited.
FL: No problem. You’ve garnered quite a bit of attention on the internet recently, what can you tell us about what you’re working on?
LS:So I don’t really know what to call it. I’m doing things that other people would get labeled as “Crazy” or “ridiculous” for doing but that’s who I am I suppose. years ago I’d started taking naked pictures of myself and covering my junk and posting it on instagram and facebook and such. It was funny to me. People liked it, people kept asking me why was I naked and I used to ask “Why aren’t you?”
FL: What really started the naked phase?
LS: A friend of mine told me one day after we finished ice skating,” yo take some naked pictures of yourself and put the skate over your beef” So I did and I found it HILARIOUS. So the wave of naked photos came. I was actually hoping more people would join, I got support but no joiners.
FL: As a visual artist where do you pull your ideas from? Where does Lenard Sayazake get inspiration from? I ask because I’d read another interview you did for your brand Ex-Military, which was brilliant by the way.
LS: Thank you, I was really in a delicate space when I did that interview. I was kind of mad, kind of happy, kind of sad but ultimately excited. I call myself a “Visual Artist” but really what I am is a creator. I am always creating things, whether its an assumption or a story or a piece. I get inspired from death and observing how others react to me, How i react to others, Spirituality and thinking of how I can bend the laws of nature. These things come to me.
FL: What goes on in your head? What are some of your most dominant thoughts?
LS: Love definitely. I think about love and making love frequently. Living life as an adventurer or a shapeshifter. I don’t wanna go off topic but I think about the bigger picture always. I tend to get ahead of myself sometimes while trying to stay present in the now. I’ve got like a buddhist mixtape playing in my head saying ” This moment, Lenard. This moment” So between thinking of Love,sex, my bright future and spirituality, that’s me.
FL: Wow, that seems kind of stressful no?
LS: It can be , if I let it.
FL: I understand & is there someone in your life currently who is receiving all this love on your mind?
LS: Hahaha, Not yet.Sayazake's Plight

FL: Okay, So I want to get into the Ex-Military brand. As I said earlier, I saw the interview and I was blown away. You spoke so powerfully and Brilliantly about society and moving forward with your dreams. Can You speak on the progress Ex-Military has made and where you plan on going with it as a brand?
LS: Absolutely. Once again thank you for the kind words. I first came up with Ex-Military early on in my artistic journey, it was a way for me to separate myself from the social norms and make a big statement. It’s ironic because I’m not a fan of going to the military and being subjected to that kind of training though I do enjoy the jargon and the aesthetic of certain military groups. Playing games like call of duty and being a fan of the shinobi culture really spurred Ex-Military. In it’s essence, it’s separation from the expected. Where I plan on going with it; I’ve got clothes being made ,stickers, a few events being planned. I’m creating a new culture/community, one where you can be whatever it is you imagine. If you want walk around as a shinobi,tree,furry, whatever feel free. Who is to tell you you can’t be who you want and forward the planet?
FL: Has “Ex-military” stirred up any controversy around the actual vets who have gone out and fought?
LS: No not really. If it does, don’t take the title so literal. Nobody is faking the funk, I’m just saying I’m not of the”militaristic fall in line because I have to” society mindset.
FL: With everything that you’re doing, what is the message that you’re conveying here?
LS: You don’t have to be afraid. If you don’t think you’re any good then you won’t be, but we’ve all had to start somewhere. Each and everyone of us is uniquely different than the next and so we all have skills that can further us and our society. Living in fear of being different than what society has planned will keep you in your head screaming “What if!” We’ve been brought to the planet to achieve something and sure you can think “I’m only one person.””People don’t care about what I want” “I have no money” but if you continue to say this, that’s all that will happen and you’ll wonder why nothing ever happened. I know this because I’ve experienced this. Stop being so afraid of how you’ll be seen in the eyes of others and get out there and tear it up. We’ve only got this one life to live so why wouldn’t you want to go after things that make you happy? Go after what makes you happy and if you don’t know then go out and fail but don’t say You’re happy where you are when you retreat in private and beat yourself up because you’ve been lying to yourself.


End Transmission!

New! Portable Jesus album: Fetish Objects!


Hello everyone and welcome to! The topic at hand here:


Portable Jesus. 

Portable Jesus is dropping their newest album “Fetish Objects” September 23,2016

They’ve since dropped a promo track for you guys to hear! To listen to the track , Click on “Portable Jesus” in the top menu section to go directly to their soundcloud. For more music from “Portable Jesus” click on the links below. Happy Listening!!



When your voice becomes an echo.

“ I miss you.” Said I

I told her. I said it because I meant it. I said it because it was real for me in that moment. I spoke out.
I think the only thing worse than someone telling you they don’t miss you back or telling you they don’t feel the same way is when they are quiet and no response is given back. That kills me. At least if you’re told straight up thats not how I feel, I feel better knowing that my energy and voice actually connected with said person. To not respond is like listening to yourself over and over again on loop say the same thing.
Speak. Speak to me. Even if what you have to say stings ,let it. I don’t care if it hurts me when you tell me that you don’t love me or you don’t think of me or you could care less about what and how I feel, but to go silent?
You don’t want to hurt me, so don’t. Speak up.
You had your voice when we spake beautiful words together. You had your voice when you told me things I hadn’t known. You had your voice when you first said Hi.
& because you refused to go with the flow and be the bearer of pain and creation, you decided you would lose your voice. It’s so simple to make a man cry; No matter how impenetrable his armor.
Was I a fool to have believed you or I a fool for continuing to feel you once you had left. I blamed myself for words spoken but twas how I felt in such a time. Two lives both lived, One far one near, I don’t wish for much but only for you to say; Hello, my dear.

Magicks & Attraction

You May Begin.

I wish to hold your attention for a moment!
I have awoken and found Magick to be true in it’s purest form. A matter of vibration has sent action into our world. Action which resonated with me and sent me into a state of shock, awe and curiousity.
I’ve seen magicks like this before coming from its purest form ,being. This power, how can I obtain it? How can I harness it?! The truth I have found is that there is Nature in our words. Destruction and creation. To build myself I must talk to myself and cast incantations of powerful intent to manifest what it is I wish to create. Oh woe is me I must be vigilant, I cry. For I have been used to others doing such for me, I must act of my own accord if I am to survive this game. I must learn spells which will boost my vitality, spark flame within my core, Control my mind to dance gracefully around reaction. I must, work. I must, fight.
The law of attraction has revealed itself to me for I am a student of it. Although, the master plans to disappear every now and again, I wait because I cannot see. Since i cannot see I believe myself to lose feeling. As if I’ve passed to the next laugh. My soul laughs! A hearty laugh;simply from disbelief that the body would fall victim to such a ruse.
I shall express how I feel in this moment.
A time. A change. A reuniting of friendships, love and memories; Adventure begins anew. A dance, A dance, Hurah hurah, I only wanted to dance in the air and let my wings breathe. I couldn’t be anything less than a creature of light. I accept where Iam in this moment and I gladly and humbly bow.
It has been a while since I have bowed. I’d recently came in a jolt of confidence, heftier than the grandest millions of dollars. I have learned to love myself and smile when I see I to I. My hair grows as a crown a shows, I’d found myself a tyrant. Too afraid to bow for fear that my crown will leave me and I will be seen a peasant.
I’ve bowed my head and released my grip on purpose. I’d not realized that my crown became materialistic. My mind the true crown. For why else would we wear crowns on our heads. Bow to life, & bow to service. The point of becoming the king is not to work less but to inspire others by how hard you work. The boss must inspire his workers not by speaking for that will come out as condescending or tyrannical. The boss must enact their plan so the workers will follow. It is in action that the pull occurs. Moving forward not speaking forward. The incantation must be followed by the action in order for the manifestation to appear. As you have bowed to life and surrendered control to the universe it shall reciprocate. We are facing the mirror always. Life is a game of choice and game.
As the child contorts its face in front of the mirror it is given back exactly what was put out.
Isn’t that fascinating?
I have said all of this to say what? To merely express my feelings and thoughts in a way that possibly you could understand. Life is so interesting when we step back and look at it from a different point of view.
Today & everyday of my life I shall live in abundance and love. Abundance of love, abundance of creation, abundance of the word and Abundance of the self.
I am courageous for my heart speaks the tongue of Lions. I am wealthy for my worth knows no limit, no number.
I am successful because my body still draws breath as the archer draws its bow and releases. I am a leader for I am the one who changes to create change.

Etsy Shop Is Up & Running!

My store ShinobiVision is back up and running on ETSY! I have hot new digital prints available. Brand New store, with a few select images ready for sale. Check it out and see if anything catches your Eye! Either click the link below or click “ShinobiVision(Shop) in the upper right hand corner of the page. Thank you!

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Ex-Military// No one’s Soldier.

You May Enter ,Fool.

I awoke this morning to find myself in gratitude for the day presented to me. I thank you, Your majesty

*Majestic bow*

You may Proceed when ready, Fool.

Very well and so I shall.

I awoke to find myself drawn to the newest “Barbershop” film. This movie caught my attention and jogged my memory of a time where reality hit me and uncertainty followed me more than ever. I would say others uncertainty more so than mine. I will explain.

For those of you who are aware of who I am or how this society perceives me, I am a young black man. History dictates that I have been on this planet for twenty four years so far and I’ve grown up in an urban sector of Queens; Jamaica to be exact. This movie Barbershop touches on issues the Black community faces or may face. Something that stuck out to me was “Gang Involvement.”  As a younger man, I was faced with a decision to be a part of a gang or a “family” as they call it. What pretty words for an ugly scene. In times of uncertainty, disbelief and ego , nothing can be promised to you. At any moment a wrong look will warrant a beating. A conversation to the wrong girls or boys will have you become a target.I want not to involve myself with such  false promises.

When I look back at MY history not the history of the world, I see how I have always been courageous and brave , even when I thought I was being cowardly. I walked alone and needed none to “watch my back” or “protect me.”

Being a black individual who wishes not to involve himself in “political” matters makes me feel as though there is a target on my back once again. Countless times I have been approached by others in an attempt to be recruited into something I do not align myself with; though I understand it’s importance. I suppose there is a target on my back regardless. Take for instance “BLACK LIVES MATTER.” I understand it’s importance, I understand the movement and the struggle that people of color and minorities face each and everyday, I live that. I am Black. Given that I understand the importance of this movement, I support it and wish for peace on the planet for all people and for minorities to be treated as actual human beings with justice being served for them; That I am clear on. What I won’t align myself with, is feeling as if I should be so gunho to jump to the front of the line and shove BLACK LIVES MATTER in people’s faces and be superduper about this because of the fact that I am Black. Automatically my skin color should force me to be a devout activist and if I’m not saying it then others will say it for me or look at me as if I’m the enemy? No thank you.

Everyone has their way of expressing how they are feeling and my way is by expressing words of hope and inspiring others through creation. By being a black man who is doing well for himself and progressing through society as an artist is my way of saying that BLACK LIVES MATTER. I want to enjoy my life and “childhood”, I’m not going to give my life to this cause just because people feel I should because I’m black. If this sounds disrespectful then forgive me, that’s not my intent. What I intend to do is express how I feel about how I choose to live my life. I lead by example everyday and take actions to get where I want to go. So many times I hear angry discussions of how we are mistreated and how we should do this or do that and nothing is ever put into motion, not even a little bit. I cannot & will not align myself with just angry words, especially if there is no real drive behind them.

I will contribute the best way I know how and it WILL offer change. I know that I must start within myself first before I attempt to fix the external.

I am No One’s Soldier.