New! Portable Jesus album: Fetish Objects!

Hello everyone and welcome to! The topic at hand here:   Portable Jesus.  Portable Jesus is dropping their newest album “Fetish Objects” September 23,2016 They’ve since dropped a promo track for you guys to hear! To listen to the track , Click on “Portable Jesus” in the top menu section to go directly toContinue reading “New! Portable Jesus album: Fetish Objects!”

When your voice becomes an echo.

“ I miss you.” Said I I told her. I said it because I meant it. I said it because it was real for me in that moment. I spoke out. I think the only thing worse than someone telling you they don’t miss you back or telling you they don’t feel the same wayContinue reading “When your voice becomes an echo.”

Magicks & Attraction

You May Begin. I wish to hold your attention for a moment! I have awoken and found Magick to be true in it’s purest form. A matter of vibration has sent action into our world. Action which resonated with me and sent me into a state of shock, awe and curiousity. I’ve seen magicks likeContinue reading “Magicks & Attraction”

Etsy Shop Is Up & Running!

My store ShinobiVision is back up and running on ETSY! I have hot new digital prints available. Brand New store, with a few select images ready for sale. Check it out and see if anything catches your Eye! Either click the link below or click “ShinobiVision(Shop) in the upper right hand corner of the page.Continue reading “Etsy Shop Is Up & Running!”

Ex-Military// No one’s Soldier.

You May Enter ,Fool. I awoke this morning to find myself in gratitude for the day presented to me. I thank you, Your majesty *Majestic bow* You may Proceed when ready, Fool. Very well and so I shall. I awoke to find myself drawn to the newest “Barbershop” film. This movie caught my attention andContinue reading “Ex-Military// No one’s Soldier.”