New! Portable Jesus album: Fetish Objects!

Hello everyone and welcome to! The topic at hand here:   Portable Jesus.  Portable Jesus is dropping their newest album “Fetish Objects” September 23,2016 They’ve since dropped a promo track for you guys to hear! To listen to the track , Click on “Portable Jesus” in the top menu section to go directly toContinue reading “New! Portable Jesus album: Fetish Objects!”

Etsy Shop Is Up & Running!

My store ShinobiVision is back up and running on ETSY! I have hot new digital prints available. Brand New store, with a few select images ready for sale. Check it out and see if anything catches your Eye! Either click the link below or click “ShinobiVision(Shop) in the upper right hand corner of the page.Continue reading “Etsy Shop Is Up & Running!”

Artist Bio

William Walker Jr was born & raised in Jamaica New York. Walker, also known by the alias “Lenard Sayazake” or “Sayazake” has a profound appreciation for the Japanese culture and has showed that in most of his illustrated works as well as his paintings. He began his journey in 2011 and is determined to presentContinue reading “Artist Bio”