Mantra for the Masses

It’s More Than A Dream, It’s a Lifestyle. Rejoice! For today Heaven is possible. Today. Today, I am strong. I am strong because yesterday gave me a gift that I received today. Today. Hoy. Hoje. Heute. There is no other day than today. I accept the things I cannot change and I accept the responsibilityContinue reading “Mantra for the Masses”

Shi.Nobi [The World I live in.]

I only want peace ,love and prosperity for everyone. We can do this together.


So this piece is called “Twoism” only because im listening to that song by “Boards Of Canada.” It ties in with what I have to say anyway so screw it, right? A lot of thought has gone into what I will make of myself in the future. I’m not scared or nervous for the future,Continue reading “Twoism”

Lost in By Lenard Sayazake

I will be posting words here frequently to uplift others in such a way that would have them wonder where i’ve been hiding all this time. =) I hope you enjoy. “Lost In…” By Lenard Sayazake Hmm. You seem to be lost but yet you have found yourself in a puddle of the darkness. WhatContinue reading “Lost in By Lenard Sayazake”

Remember Who You Are. “Who Am I?”

Iam here to remember who iam. I am here to show everyone who iam. Iam here to better the world with who I am. The big question, the only question that remains is “Who Am I?” In this lifetime the most difficult question I ever asked myself was “Who Am I?” I don’t know ifContinue reading “Remember Who You Are. “Who Am I?””