Magicks & Attraction

You May Begin. I wish to hold your attention for a moment! I have awoken and found Magick to be true in it’s purest form. A matter of vibration has sent action into our world. Action which resonated with me and sent me into a state of shock, awe and curiousity. I’ve seen magicks likeContinue reading “Magicks & Attraction”

New Age Loser.

I tend to picture myself on a beach listening to the waves crashing , feeling the cool breeze blow past my vessel. I am in a sort of stance not belonging to any kind of discipline but one that I’ve created myself. Thousands upon thousands of question race through my being. I plant myself uponContinue reading “New Age Loser.”

Where Am I Going?

How do you plan to support yourself? Never have I hated such a question. Just the thought of it brings my blood to a boil. I’ve recently quit my job and I am now going through my two weeks of work that I have left. It’s such a sad feeling, leaving. The people at myContinue reading “Where Am I Going?”


So I did a little thinking. Does anyone remember when we were in school how when the teacher took attendance, we had to say “Here” or “Present” I look at life the same way. Life has always been school even when we went into a building for 7hrs of our day. The point I’m makingContinue reading “Present!”

This is the story of a man who was loved by every, but one.

This story is actually very happy but it will be told in the perspective of the sad. “Everyone asks for you.” “Everyone always asks where’s ‘…’” “Everyone love’s you” “Everyone-” But you. …… I find it astonishing, brilliant actually, that I can’t have you. Anyone, anyone in the world would burn desire in my faceContinue reading “This is the story of a man who was loved by every, but one.”

Lost in By Lenard Sayazake

I will be posting words here frequently to uplift others in such a way that would have them wonder where i’ve been hiding all this time. =) I hope you enjoy. “Lost In…” By Lenard Sayazake Hmm. You seem to be lost but yet you have found yourself in a puddle of the darkness. WhatContinue reading “Lost in By Lenard Sayazake”